Marrakech, Morocco: How to be wonderfully lost in the medina

Marrakech, Morocco

“Adventures are the best way to learn.”

I found myself stepping out of El Fenn Hotel‘s doorway and into an alley with terra-cotta painted crumbling walls and a million people rushing by. I had a hint of the medina being a bustling bewitching place but nothing really prepares you for something like it once
you’re there.

The walkways are narrow and damp. People on foot one side and scooters on the other – occasionally bikes, occassionally mules with wagons.

Marrakech’s medina has so much charm, it’s like everything around you is antique and the  architecture suggests a glamorous past – rusted golden nailheads on arches and broken but beautiful Zellige tiles on the walls and floors. Being in the medina and soaking up it’s rich culture is an experience in itself, it evokes more feeling rather than just being a sight to see.

Let’s walk around the old souk together? Yeah?

There are tiny local junk shops with contemporary furniture, paintings and fragile antiques beside each other. Every shop has a laidback elegance to it. The medina is grand but intimately atmospheric.

Food stalls in the Marrakech medina

The smell of Chicken Tagine around every other corner gets you all hungry.


Spices surround you.

Marrakech, Morocco

Get ready for some serious tilework, each shop features unique floors so your shoes should be Insta-ready! My shoes are from Palladium, they’re super comfy, kind of like walking on air!

Morocco medina vendor

Moroccan nuts, sweets and pastries.


Wooden doors with golden detailing welcome the passers-by. The cracked walls also seem to tell a story, Marrakech is deep-rooted in it’s culture and walking around the medina takes you so far back in time, it’s so surreal.

Marrakech Medina Old Architecture

Shades and gradients. Some things are just so much better with time! Like men, wine or these walls. Haha

Babouche Marrakech Medina

Moroccan slippers called “Babouche” peek through the stalls and are often seen in bright and vibrant colors like these.



This shop had mosaic metal clutches and they’re all so beautiful and very art-deco but are rather expensive, starting at 800 MAD.


So in love! How pretty?


Chevron tiles!

Postcards and painting Marrakech, Morocco


Carpet heaven. 💛


Further deep into the souks and the Zellige game is getting stronger. “Zellige” or zellij is terra-cotta tilework with enamel chips and is the main characteristic of Morrocan Architecture.


Antique Vases are all so intricate.


Watched a local weave through yarn to create carpets.


Was served melons and grapes inside one of the shops. The people in some shops are so hospitable. Prior to Marrakech i’ve read online that the vendors are very aggressive and ill-tempered, or that they rip you off..

Lamps in Marrakech Medina

So not true! Walked around the souks the whole day and was never forced into a shop or treated rudely. The vendors don’t even mind tourists taking photos or trying out a million pieces and not buying anything. They’re so used to it!

Marrakech old medina

Painted plates 💛


Shops here also sell Pure Argan oil.


They also make it in-store. Here’s how they drop some Argan nuts into the hole and grind them in, while spinning the top cone with a lever.


They’re also really big on cinnamon, floral teas and spices.


He was telling me to get out of the way.


At the heart of the medina is the spice souk, you’ll also find NOMAD.




Lunch at Café Nomad.



Overlooking the medina at Nomad’s rooftop.

Marrakech Medina


Tagine Morocco Marrakech

Marrakech Medina Morocco

Marrakech art

A little hideaway. Artist’s nook for sure.


Scented flowers. Bracelet from Sam Jewelry Design.


Art is everywhere in the Medina.



Carpets, Baskets and Souvenirs. It’s all here!


Marrakech Morocco Carpets

Marrakech polaroid

Brought my polaroid with me, Channeling my inner #mypolaroidseries by Hannah Magsayo the travel blogger.


Leather goods are extremely cheap in Morocco, I got an authentic sling bag for just 200 MAD, you shouldn’t leave the medina without getting yourself something leather – be it a belt, jacket or a wallet.

Marrakech, Morocco

Medina Marrakesh, Morocco


Our tour guide Youseff Marrakech Morocco

This is Youseff, our guide through the medina. Although i’d love to be wonderfully lost in the medina, you’ll eventually have to find your way back to the hotel or get to the best spots before the sun sets, a guide will help you make the most of your medina trip 🙂


Textures of Marrakech in pillow covers.


Took some photos as the morning sunlight slipped to a warmer shade of pink and orange and I found myself in the heart of the medina, sipping on some mint lemonade.

mint lemonade

After this we made our way out to Djemaa el Fna by sunset and it was amazing. Couldn’t pull out my camera because it was so crowded and the snake charmers and entertainers will ask for money in every photo you take.

Get some pure Morocan Orange juice at Djemaa el Fna as well! So refreshing that you’ll end up having 2.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little photo tour around the medina. If you did, let me know! Leave a message 😀

All the best,



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