The road to SAGADA

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Hey everyone! haven’t posted in awhile but I just had to write about our little road trip to Sagada, where the journey is just as beautiful as the destination 🙂


With a good playlist and even better company, we were on for a great weekend. Three days and two nights out and I still can’t say that we’ve had the full Sagada experience. There’s so much more to see but we just decided to chill and take in the sights as we went along.


My closest high school buds Kai & Bea plus their fiancés Jan & Charlie, rented a car and hired a driver for the weekend. We started our road trip a bit past 2am, had a million coffee stop-overs, went for alternate power naps and took turns staying up.


Then it was my turn. I watched the dawn peek-in with hues of pink and dark blues, while the cool breeze swept through my cheeks as the view of endless rice fields became ever green. I tried my very best to roll down my window, and capture blurred out photos while the sun came up. Amazing, God is amazing. I will never get tired of watching the night change into day.


Snoozed at 6 o’clock am & woke up past 9. The road was winding but we sure enjoyed it! Stopped-over for breakfast somewhere in between & went on our way to Banaue!


Lots of pay restrooms on the way up! 5php for number 1 and 10php for number 2 😀


8 hrs up to Banaue and another 4 hrs up to Sagada but we sure took the most scenic route! I never thought i’d ever find myself looking over the Banaue Rice terraces. Oh the wonders of nature!


On the way up!

We got to Sagada at 2pm and directly registered for 35php ea. at the Sagada Tourism office.

Checked-in at our hostel then walked around the neighbourhood for dinner.


Hot Chocolate & some lava cake.
Surprisingy, the town has a good number of cafés that serve home-cooked meals & hot drinks for tourists around the area.


and then some wine along the way home.


We rode to Kiltepan peak at 4:30 a.m.
It’s heaps accessible with a car! Stayed ’til 7am hoping for a sunrise as pretty as the one in the movie “That thing called tadhana” but the sun couldn’t get through the thick layer of clouds. Unfortunately, June is Sagada’s wet season.

We enjoyed the view nevertheless 🙂


fifth-wheeling at its finest!


Lunch at Sagada Brew!



We had a feast at Sagada Brew for dinner time the night before, and the food was sooo good, so we went back for breakfast the next day!


We tried Sagada’s special “Pinikpikan”. Didn’t know why it was called pinikpikan so we asked our tour guide later on during the trip. He explained how Native chicken is so thin that their ancestors had to beat the chickens’ wings for blood to clot on there and thicken it’s meat. Felt so guilty for trying it afterwards 😦


It was Charlie’s order!


and then dessert!



We met our guide for the Echo-trail, and walked past St. Mary’s church,


walked past a cemetery on a hill, and then a rocky path down to the view of the town from afar (where the clouds kiss the towns rooftops good morning and good night every single day).


I want to live here!


And finally, to the hanging coffins.



at the foot of the trail, we reached the hanging coffins. There are 21 coffins in the area, 18 directly in sight, 1 is placed so high-up (you’ll miss it if you can’t spot the cross), 1 has fallen off the cliff from changes in the weather causing the wood to rott and 1 is placed in a cave, topped with a stone so it won’t come and get you!


I’m just kidding! The guide said that the Igorots living around the area years ago hung the coffins on to the cliff because they believed it was so important that the sunlight hit the body which would then lead it to heaven, which explains the cemetery on the hill facing the sun (that I don’t have a photo of).

Getting back up to where we started the trail is waaay more difficult, but our guide was so sweet, he made us sticks so we could blaze on a little bit more efficiently.

By the end of the hike, I decided to have my stick cut into a fifth of it’s original size.


I’m keeping it as a keychain for all my future trails 🙂 Here it is post-varnishing by our tour guide.

Goodbye Sagada! I’ll be back!


on the way down (and up and down and up), we passed the highest point.



Side-trip! Hello Baguio!


FullSizeRender 3

One of the many pretty corners of our AirBnB in Baguio.

Minesview the next day for souvenir shopping and all.




a must whenever i’m in Baguio, Strawberry Taho 🙂


Total white swan tourist trap for these lovebirds..


With my favorites! The only people who can get me to sit through a 12-hour drive to the mountains. I’m such a café and city girl but if you can get me to hike for you then I must love you a lot. Hugs to the instagram boyfriends as well, thank you for being patient with us Jan & Charlie!


OTW back to the city from Baguio.


Hit the open road (and pray that you don’t fall off the cliff because the road to and from Sagada is like 70% cliffs. My mother would kill me.)


Let me know if you’re planning a trip to Sagada,’til then, our next adventure awaits!

Thanks for reading through my whole post 🙂


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